DCPS Cabinets


The rectifier EP0300AC48TE is a compact, single phase, hot-pluggable, fan-cooled rectifier and battery charger for stand-alone use or for working in parallel as part of a DC power system equipped with advanced digital controller. The constant output power (300W i.e. 5.5A at 54V) characteristic supplies the specified power over the full output voltage range (48 to 58Vdc).

There is a digital communication (RS-485 bus) between rectifier and controller which allows flexible system design

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DCPS Cabinets


The EP1000 rectifiers are single phase, hot-pluggable, fan cooled rectifiers that provide highly reliable DC power. The EP1000 rectifiers are cost-effective rectifiers that occupy just 1RU and it’s shallow depth is an ideal power solution for space critical applications. The constant output power characteristics as well as the extended temperature range, universal AC input voltage range and compact size are key attributes that make this rectifier the right choice for your power needs.

These rectifiers are applicable for indoor and outdoor environments especially where equipment depth and height are restricted. The EP1000 rectifiers communicate digitally to the Lineage controller family over a RS485 bus to add extensive monitoring and alarm management facilities. Its flexible and sophisticated feature set makes this front-end supply an excellent choice for power in a variety of application spaces.

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