I²PMS (Integrated Solution)

e-I²PMS (Indoor)


Integrated Solution

The e-I²PMS™ is a standalone Indoor enclosure with AC, DC Power distribution and management system with built-in intelligence to optimize the usage of mains and DG which will have substantial reduction in OPEX. The product is highly efficient and easily serviceable. It works on 3ø/2ø/1ø input depending up on the line conditions.

It also provides the regulated power to Air-conditioner through Static Voltage Regulator. The input phases are balanced in such way that the neutral current is always minimal for any given condition. Apart from these features like Auto Mains Failure (AMF), Power plant monitoring, AC and DC energy metering and battery management facility provides the system a complete power solution to the user.

The system not only provides common analog/digital inputs and outputs, but also does the DG control, fuel level monitoring, Temperature & Humidity Monitoring. Optional features such as Access control, Inventory data management, air-conditioner control, free cooling operations which will be added advantage for optimize the site running cost.

The information and alarms, from a specific site, can be monitored and controlled remotely through GPRS. Moreover, the I²PMS™ can communicate with Lineage or 3rd party intelligent equipment via its serial port through MODBUS. The e-I²PMS™ is a monitoring and control unit designed for global use, achieving high telecom standards, and providing great flexibility and expandability.

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